​A micro marketing vending strategy in which advertising and sales efforts are focused on a small group of highly-targeted consumers.
In the food service segment Micromarketing is moving into the break rooms offering a solution for some locations that vending machines just will not work for, or vending machines are just not the look and feel that an owner may want for their location. 
Micro Market Vending is quickly taking the place of the traditional vending machine and putting products on open shelves and reach in coolers. Packages that were once to big to vend can be served to customers and fresh fruit and other easy damaged items are being offered with no problems. Not every location is a vending machine location and not every location is a micro marketing location but now you have another solution to offer better customer service to your clients.
Micro Markets can be incorporated into a lunchroom environment and give that environment a new facelift and breath of fresh air in ways of new style looks and trending areas. Micro Market Vending is a way for the customer to feel more like they are in a open air market rather then the same old lunch room. 
Pocket Change Vending can provide all your needs for your Micro Market with self check outs that are packed full of features to reach in coolers that are the safest on the market with health safety built right in. We can assist in design and install as well as decor looks that blend right in with your break areas. Micro Market Vending is another way that todays vending operators can supply their customers locations the services they want.

​Micro markets can be a great addition to your work environment layout. This high tech. new way of providing work location food and automated services is well worth the look. Open vending or self check out in the automated sales and vending world is becoming a joining force in providing customers more choices and operators more options. Micro Market Vending is a way to offer many different selections and packaging's without the limitations that challenge many vending machines. Micro Market Sales is a fresh new way to speed up the delivery of the product to the customer.